Karlovy Vary "Respiratory Treatment Program"

Guest speaker:

Doctor, nurse, health resort, balneologist.

The moderators of the meeting:

candidate of medical Sciences, balneologist, specialist in the field of foreign medicine, Medical Ambassador of the State Agency for tourism development in the Karlovy vary Region “Zivy Kraj”.

Member of the Commission for tourism and Spa treatment of the Karlovy vary region. Member of the control Committee of the information center of Karlovy vary.

The mission of the project:

Health is the Foundation of any life. The year 2020 showed how quickly the usual life changes, when at one point, people massively lose their health. And many – their lives and loved ones. People mistakenly believed that they had nothing to worry about, modern medicine would help them. The pandemic has put all the dots over the "i" – your health is in your hands. We want You to know as much as possible about what health is. And how to use this knowledge to protect yourself, your family, friends, acquaintances and those for whom You create a health product.