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Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan 2020


05 February 2020


03 February 2020


Why Almaty?

Nowadays Almaty  is not only the largest city in Kazakhstan, but also a financial, economic, cultural and political center with a population more than 2.5 million people. Kazakhstan is the undisputed leader in the development of science, culture, economy and tourism of all the post-Soviet republics.There are large number of wealthy people in Kazakhstan . Almost 10,000 official dollar millionaires live in the country.

About the city:

Kazakhstan has very impressive reserves of gas, oil and minerals, and as a result , country has a high standard of living and  very attractive for foreign partners in the field of tourism as well.

Kazakhstan is known all over the world. Outbound foreign travel market is growing from year to year as well as the welfare of its population. There are  cultural traditions in Kazakhstan such as taking care of elders, loved ones, and those who need help. This was the main reason why today tourists from this country are mainly married couples aged 50 years and older. These clients are interested in their health , want to live a long time and actively invest in it.


Why Tashkent?

For many years Tashkent has remained a rather conservative and very mysterious city for foreign partners working in the field of health tourism. There were several reasons for it. However, due to the change of the political system, the republic not only became open for innovations, but also actively started looking for cooperation  opportunities with the whole world in all areas of business.

 At the same time, population of Uzbekistan is interested in SPA and medical tourism. There are a lot of travel companies successfully   organizing  wellness tours in this country. The demand for these services today is simply colossal. Nowadays ,  citizens of Uzbekistan have all the financial capabilities and want to invest in their health.

About the city:

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan.It is the largest city in Central Asia with more  than 2,600,000 inhabitants. It is one of the oldest cities in Asia, with more than  2,200 years of history and cultural traditions. Today it is experiencing a rather rapid growth in economics and politics.

Almost all European countries, as well as the USA, China, India, Korea and others have diplomatic representative offices in the capital of Uzbekistan. Their main task is not only the establishment of all types of cooperation between countries, but also an increase in the number of tourists from Uzbekistan who can travel to Europe, Asia, the USA and other countries as convenient and comfortable as possible.In this Asian country population is very interested in health ,nutrition and longevity(long living)

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